braai_4_heritage.jpg  Tongmaster & Spicegirl are the two heroes on a non-profit quest to make 24 September a National Braai Day in South Africa. They have done fantastic work so far. Here’s what they say:

  “We aim to create social cohesion by encouraging all South Africans to actively celebrate our national heritage, by having a braai, on 24 September each year; and to promote the day as “National Braai Day”.

  • Offer a national festival that ranks amongst all of the greatest celebrations in the world and promote excitement throughout South Africa via innovation, creativity, grassroots involvement, and marketing activity.
  • For South Africans to be aware of the number of other people braaing on the same day in the spirit of national unity- and to increase the sense of active participation in a nationwide celebration of being South African.
  • Project the attention towards the common heritage that we share in, and the many positive aspects of our country, alive with possibility.
  • Provide the opportunity and motivation for all South Africans, (and those who sometimes wish they were South African) to attend and join in the practical and expressive celebrations.
  • Create awareness that foreign cultures have various national icons that define their unique personalities. South Africa has the braai.

The braai is to be the symbol of the celebration and our South African uniqueness. It is a day for nation-building where all South Africans take hands.In National Braai Day there is the real and tangible possibility to create an annual day of celebrations with a similar emotional, patriotic and positive feel, for the citizens of South Africa, to the pre and post rugby world cup celebrations. National Braai Day is a non-profit initiative and there is no political motive to the day. On 24 September, every year, all South Africans will be sitting around the same fire.

  • Braaing is a commonality and equaliser amongst diverse groups of South Africans.
  • The activity of braaing, through widespread, active participation, transcends cultural and social divides.

24 September

All that is required in order to participate in National Braai Day, is to braai with family and friends, and, consider while enjoying the braai, that millions of other South Africans are also braaing at that moment.

National Braai Day is to be an annual celebration on 24 September each year, to coincide with National Heritage Day.  24 September is at the start of summer and there is no other national marketing drive at that time, i.e. Easter, Valentine’s, Christmas, thus it provides marketers with an ideal platform; which should prove mutually beneficial to both our cause and theirs.”

Please visit their website and support the initiative.

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