Disposable How To

  1. Remove from cardboard tray.
  2. Place your Picnic BBQ on a firm level heat-resistant surface such as bricks, or use a purpose-built stand (included with product). Allow air to circulate beneath the tray.
  3. This Picnic BBQ has a specially impregnated starter sheet under the wire grill; DO NOT use petrol or any lighter fluids.
  4. With a lit match, light one corner of the starter sheet.
  5. Depending upon wind conditions, it will take about 15 minutes for the smoke to die down.


  1. Do not cook before the fuel has a coating of ash. This is when the ideal cooking temperature has been achieved and will be maintained for over an hour (under normal conditions).
  2. REMEMBER - Cook over heat NOT over flames.
  3. Do not leave cooking food unattended as it may burn. Turn food frequently.


  1. DO NOT handle or move the BBQ whilst in use, as it gets very hot very quickly and retains heat even after it appears to have gone out.
  2. Keep children and pets at a safe distance. Use only with adult supervision.
  3. NEVER use on a surface which is liable to be damaged by heat.
  4. DO NOT use indoors or without adequate ventilation.
  5. DO NOT attempt to relight the BBQ by using spirit, petrol or comparable fluids.
  6. DO NOT REFILL - This BBQ is designed for a single use only.
  7. When cooking is over, completely extinguish the barbecue with water.
  8. REMEMBER, the area beneath your barbecue will also be hot.
  9. When cold, dispose of this single-use barbecue carefully and responsibly, or take it home with you.
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