6 x Instant Self-Lighting Charcoal 3kg bags FREE SHIPPING



PIO_5056_easy light 2.jpgComes in a box containing 6 x 3kg (2 x 1.5kg) Instant Light Charcoal bags.

Contains 2 packs of good quality instant light charcoal. Each pack has 1.5 kg of charcoal. Very convenient and clean. One 1.5kg pack provides enough heat to cook for 4 people. The product can be used as a fire lighter. Extremely popular with built in barbecues.
  • Lights with a single match
  • No firelighters required
  • Easy, convenient and clean
  • Ready to cook in 20 minutes
  • Takes less shelf space in shops
  • Clean product to keep on the shelf


2 x 1.5 kg paper packs in a 3 kg outer bag. Display printing on outer bag. Warnings and instructions printed on the sides of the outer bag.

Pallet configuration

1 m x 1.2 m pallet with 204 single units per pallet.

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